Mayine - the story behind the story

Mayine is an Eastern Cape adventure where a bubbly boy goes on a courageous search to find his missing dog, and best friend, Amafu. Along the way, Mayine learns about the importance of believing – believing in himself, in hope, and his dreams.

This colourful story, illustrated by the talented Phathu Nembilwi, is set in a seaside village along the Eastern Cape coastline and explores themes of friendship and believing in oneself. The suspense, memorable characters, and overall joy will surely keep both children and adults engaged.

5+. Mayine is an early reader and will be enjoyed by all kids who are starting their independent reading journey. The adventure can also be enjoyed by younger ages who are just starting with their story time readings. So, if you enjoy reading to your little ones then this book is recommended too.

At R160 per copy Ornate Writing will arrange delivery of the book to your door, anywhere in South Africa. So, you won’t have to add delivery costs when checking out. That’s all covered.

Pre-orders for Mayine are now open. You can now order your copies in the shop section of Ornate Writing. All pre-orders will be collated and dispatched for delivery on Friday, 31 July.

An amazing team of people worked on this book. Nathan Adonis penned the first draft in 2018, and now with the help and collaborative energy from talented individuals Ornate Writing is ready to share the adventure with the children of South Africa.

Phathu Nembilwi, from @phathudesigns_illustrations, an immense talent and creative worked on the beautiful illustrations and captured the energy perfectly.

Estè, from @kammakomma, edited the book and helped sharpen everything. Estè also worked on the design and layout for printing – and did a pretty stellar job.